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[22 Apr 2005|05:18pm]

The Small Font Meme.

Use this.

< b style="font-size:3pt;"> words here < /b >

Take out spaces.
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life is what you make it [19 Apr 2005|12:53pm]

[ mood | amused ]

peterly omg: ahhhh tehelite
peterly omg: where every day is april fools day

P.S. You don't have to think we're funny. We think we're funny, and that's enough. Really, why live to please everyone else when you can please yourself and have more fun? We never said we're mature. And we never said you had to like it. So get OVER it because it's not a crime to mock people (including ourselves, oh noes!!!!) when it's all in good fun.

That's life. And life's not fair. Enjoy your stay. :)

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it's times like these [24 Mar 2005|02:48pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

You can try and try and even try again, but no matter what, in the end, you'll always fail. Know why?

tehelite, baby.

Nothing compares.

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MEMBERS ONLY [13 Aug 2004|07:10pm]
Closed community. Read userinfo for more information and have a nice day :)

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